Strife is the brand new free to play MOBA from S2 Games who created Heroes Of Newerth, Savage & Savage 2.Now that open beta has started for Strife i thought it would be great time to do a review about the game. Those who have already played the game should check out the Open Beta Announcement and find out what has changed since closed beta of the game. The game is of course Linux native and has been since the start, so as usual S2 Games are big Linux supporters.

Strife differs a lot from the other MOBA titles, S2 Games added features from different titles and pretty much combined them to be Strife. Just to list some of the few differences that the other titles do not have compared to Strife.

We have played Strife over at GOL a fair bit as we have been around it since the early closed beta tests, and we found it to be an enjoyable mix of Dota 2 and League of Legends, but sadly the community is still pretty toxic.

To support the community and make it easier for people to find friends to form teams and queue, S2 Games also announced full Curse Voice integration for Strife. “Curse is extremely excited to be partnering with S2 for their upcoming MOBA title Strife. Having Curse Voice on day 1 of such a huge title is an incredible opportunity for us to bring the best communication platform for gamers into an exciting new take on the MOBA genre Curse CEO.

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Publisher: S2 Games
Developer: S2 Games
Genre:Multiplayer online battle arena
DRM: Stream

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