Arena Vex

Arena Vex is a free online PvP game all about fast action, skill shots, and tactical gameplay. No grinding, no leveling, no downtime. Play with up to 12 players across various maps and game modes.

With the help of Alzarath, I was able to make a .sh executable and a tarball for a linux build of the game. Please try it out works for you! Hopefully I can figure out Mac support too: getting java executables to work seems strange.

Arena Vex, a remake of the popular Warcraft 3 map Warlock, has been officially released for Linux. It’s written in Java, so it’s always technically been runnable in Linux, but they’ve added a Linux download that includes a bash script to start it, as opposed to an exe. It seems to be looking to separate itself from similar games by making a primary mode of play outside simple skirmishes.

Development chugs along! The patch this friday/saturday will be small as well because of busy schedule. It might feature the nostalgic Arena Shrink Mode, but we’ll see. We’re theorycrafting about a big game mode with more depth, so hopefully I can go into more detail about that whenever we come up with solid plans for it. It’s a multiplayer game to get and stay popular, it needs great replayability, and I feel that that will come from a cohesive mode with components that work together well. It’s all very vague because it’s still up in the air what that means!