Dark Souls II'

Dark Souls II is a Hack and slash video game.To begin the game, players customize the sex and physical features of a character in addition to choosing a gift and starting class, which determines starting statistics and equipment. From a third-person perspective, players explore a continuous, open world, where they are confronted by a hostile environment with unrelenting enemies and bosses. As enemies are defeated, “souls” are accumulated, which can be used as either currency or experience points, with players upgrading various character attributes to reflect a certain style of play.

The player moves through the world, advancing into different areas, each with opponents of ever-increasing difficulty. Throughout the course, players can save their progress by lighting “bonfires,” at which they can also rest to renew their health and magic, as well as repairing damage to their weapons; resting at a bonfire also resets enemies. When a player is defeated, they “die,” losing all of the souls in the possession, returning to the last bonfire where they rested. When players respawns at the bonfire, not only have they lost all their souls, but they are no longer human (called being “hollow”), and their maximum hit points have been decreased. The players have the opportunity to retrieve those lost souls, if they can advance to the spot where they were lost, without dying. As souls are accumulated, the player has the choice to either trade them in to increase one of more than a dozen attributes (e.g. strength — to increase the damage inflicted, or vigor — to increase the maximum amount of damage taken), or to use them to purchase items, equipment, or weapons. A third option, as one progress in the game, is to use souls to upgrade weapons and armor. The end of each section of gameplay consists of battling a boss — a much more powerful character.

Publisher: From Software,Namco Bandai Games
Developer: From Software
Genre: Action RPG ,Action role-playing, hack and slash
Website: http://www.kinguin.net/dark-souls-2.
Release : Apr 25, 2014
Metascore: 90/100
Price: $39.95

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