Galcon 2

After a successful Kickstarter back in 2013 and a lengthy sting in beta, the free-to-play sequel to the swarm-based real-time strategy game, Galcon, has officially launched. This edition of the game has co-op, team PvP, free for all, and solo modes, as well as providing Clans, which can take part in clan battles and wars, and in-app purchases, such as different ship classes, all of which are balanced, and decals.

Most of the focus in Galcon 2 is online play with the single-player branded a “practice” mode, I haven’t yet been able to find anyone online to play with, so if you like the strategy in Galcon it might be an idea to pass some usernames around in the comments to buddy up and fight.

The practice mode does have some really fast and brutal AI though (you can pick the difficulty), so even if you don’t find anyone online, the practice is still hard enough to keep you busy, and it’s free remember.

The free 2 play aspect is really simple too. You buy coins, which can be redeemed for customization items and nothing more. That’s the kind of free 2 play we can all get behind.

Galcon 2

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