Lutris games

Lutris is an open gaming platform for GNU/Linux. It aims at supporting as many games as possible thanks to emulators and providing a simple and reliable experience when installing games.

Lutris‘ offers you a completely Open-Source client and enforces absolutely no vendor lock-in. The client stays completely usable when offline or without access to the website. The Lutris project is available on launchpad.

The project combines the lutris website, a Linux client and game runners which are provided by your distribution or by Lutris itself. Thanks to community-provided installers, you spend less time setting games up, and more time playing. Free and Open-Source games are available right from the website.

From the first games of your childhood to the latest indie game, games for Linux, Windows, Amiga, Super Nintendo and many more are supported, if it’s able to run on Linux, it can be run with Lutris.

Lutris is support the following runners:

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