Xbox One-

Microsoft is prepping technology that streams Xbox games on PC browsers, if a new report from Microsoft reporter of Neowin is correct. Both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games will purportedly work with the service, which can be accessed through either Internet Explorer or Chrome.

A few weeks back, a Microsoft research project showed that the company had built a cloud-based gaming service that reduced the lag by a significant margin. Of course, Microsoft has many research products that never seem to make it out of the labs for one reason or another, but this product is a bit different.

The game-streaming service would work in a similar fashion to something like OnLive or PlayStation Now. Microsoft servers render the bulk of gameplay data, then stream the game with as little lag as possible to users’ screens. In theory, this technology will work with any browser, not just Internet Explorer — and users could even stream Xbox 360 games to Xbox Ones or PS4s.

The site says that it isn’t limited to older Xbox titles, either, and that Microsoft hopes to add Xbox One titles to its offer. The platform is apparently open and designed to run just as easily in Chrome as it does Internet Explorer.

If Microsoft chooses to pursue the project for the consumer market, expect to hear more about it in the relatively near future. If not, we hope you’ve hung onto your Xbox 360, because right now there’s no other way to play that system’s games.

Microsoft won’t be pioneering the streaming market. OnLive is a notable early example of streaming game data from cloud servers. A more current comparison might be Steam home streaming, which sends gameplay from one PC to another on a local network.

Right now, it’s not clear which service Microsoft’s would resemble the most. The company has yet to officially comment on the rumor.