On 18 September 2014 at 6PM PDT, NVIDIA and the PC gaming industry are kicking off an unprecedented 24-hour event. The goal of this event is simple – to celebrate this thing we all love called PC Gaming. It will be packed with exclusive content, developer interviews, game reveals, give-aways, and more.

You can attend the event in person or through online live streaming


NVIDIA is expected to announced its new Maxwell Graphics cards GTX 970 and GTX 980 during this event. Previously it was named GTX 870 and 880 respectively, but NVIDIA changed name as it conflict with existing laptop versions of GTX 7xx series card as they named it GTX 8xxM.

NVIDIA Maxwell is one of the most power efficient graphics cards. They previously released Maxwell architecture based GTX 750 and GTX 750 TI graphics card. These cards can play most newer games at 1080p resolution while only using 62 watts of power. It perform almost like AMD R7 260, but use only 50% electricity. GTX 750 draws all its power from PCI slot.


Maxwell is a combination of NVIDIA mobile and Desktop technologies, that will bring high end graphics to PC and Mobile.

AMD have released R9 285 this month, but power consumption is almost similar to R9 280. Many expected AMD will release something power efficient like Nvidia Maxwell.

If NVIDIA price the cards properly, AMD will have a hard time selling their Graphics cards. Many users have sold their AMD cards and prepared to purchase newer, power efficient NVIDIA cards.

With GTX 750 already in market, GTX 900 series cards will have better driver support. On Linux, NVIDIA is already leading in performance, AMD users have to use Open Source driver as Cayalyst performance is very bad in Linux.