The second chapter in one of the most loved and respected Japanese shooting game series ever: The Tale of ALLTYNEX by Japanese indie developer SITER SKAIN. Carefully crafted play experiences, destructive fun, and absorbing gameplay have made the ALLTYNEX trilogy renowned in shooting game.

Some of you may have noticed that Quakelive dropped its Linux support at some point . Ever since then i was hoping for a worthy successor with a team of developers behind it that displays more passion than id software did in the recent years.Reflex might be just that, as it uses the original Q3 Weapons, mixed with CPMA flavoured movement and physics.

This game is a hype right now on and many players that are dissatisfied with the path Quakelive took with its recent updates are really looking forward to this. If Unreal Tournament is too slow for your or the movement looks too clumsy for your tastes, this might be what you are looking for.

The game is already in a playable state and looking darn good so far. The list of features in development includes all the stuff you might ask for when talking about an esports title, such as matchmaking, ladders, steam integration, maps editors and bots when you dont feel like competing. you can check out the complete list on Reflex official webpage.

Publisher: Nyu Media
Developer: SITER SKAIN
Genre: Action, Indie
DRM: Steam
Release : 27 Mar, 2014
Price: $7.99 USD

You can purchase the game from