Rising Angels: Reborn2

Rising Angels: Reborn is now available for free on Linux and promises to be an interesting sci-fi adventure.The sequel, Rising Angels: Fates, is on Kickstarter right now.

Rising Angels: Reborn is an adventure visual novel that tells the story of Natalie Puccile, a Special Investigations and Tactics officer with the Katajion Directorship. Natalie has spent her career watching over a listening post in the middle of deep space. After the orders that she has always dreamed of finally arrive, she finds herself in charge of a small destroyer and tasked with discovering the fate of a missing research team investigating an ancient civilization. As the universe she knows changes around her, it is up to Natalie’s brilliance and the dedication of the crew of the KSS Nimross to avert a galaxy-shattering event that could spell the end of all space travel. With determination in her heart, Natalie rises to the chance to beat back the danger and perhaps find love in the twinkling lights of the distant stars.

Publisher: Sekai Project
Developer: IDHAS Studios
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, Simulation
DRM: Steam
Release : 31 Oct, 2013
Price: Free

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This game was funded through KickStarted.com