Life on Earth is unsustainable. Humanity must seek a new home but the only planet found is very hostile. You were sent on a expedition to slay the monsters inhabiting the surface of this planet. In this adventure you end up being the villain. Game contains two basic controls, many puzzles and lots of guns and enemies.

Founded by alumni of PayPal and YouTube, RoboteX® is a Silicon Valley-based technology company that is bringing a unique approach to the robotics market. We design robots for safety and ease-of-use from the ground up, and we work directly with end users to include capabilities that are important to them. The robots we develop are affordable, high-quality, and focused on solving critical real-world problems.

We develop our technology commercially – not through government research grants – and we believe that our AVATAR® line of personal safety robots will become a standard tool for first responders around the world. Our flagship models, the AVATAR® II and AVATAR® III, combine advanced functionality with unprecedented affordability and ease-of-use.

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Publisher: YFYX GAMES
Developer: YFYX GAMES
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
DRM: Steam
Release Date: 18 Nov, 2014
Price: $1.19 USD

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