Shovel Knight

You can pick up Shovel Knight on both Steam and Humble (DRM-Free build available!) Edit: Also, you can pick up the soundtrack at Bandcamp

Today should be a good day for you nostalgia lovers, because Shovel Knight has been released for Linux! Shovel Knight is a charming NES-Inspired platformer that was funded on Kickstarter and release for Windows back in June. The game has received a lot of critical praise; being described as a love letter to old school platformers. To celebrate I’ve bought a humble key (Includes DRM-Free and Steam key) to give one of our readers. If you want a shot read the instructions at the bottom of the article.

The plot is a retro tale of rescuing a damsel, beating the bad guy (or girl in this case), and becoming a hero. And like a lot of love-letter games, expect to see a lot of enemies, weapons, and mechanics that seem familiar. At first glance the game takes a lot of inspiration from games such as Super Mario 3, Castlevania, and the Mega Man series. A lot of the graphical fidelity, effects, and level of detail looks more toward the SNES spectrum of visuals than NES, but I think it was a good decision since it’s more pleasant to look at. However, the color pallet and design stay pretty true to the concept; lots of great contrasting colors and hidden secrets. The boss fights especially reminded me of the hours I put into the boss fights in the Megaman games. Speaking of which, this is also supposedly either very challenging or a bit too easy; there doesn’t appear to be a consensus. Still, even if you blaze through the game, there appears to be a lot of upcoming free content updates including a challenge mode, new playable knights, gender swap, and a battle mode.

Publisher: Yacht Club Games
Developer: Yacht Club Games
Genre: Platform
DRM: Steam
Release :June 26, 2014
Metascore: 97/100
Price: $14.99

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