Team Fortress 2 Halloween event Scream Fortress will be available for everyone.

Every year Team Fortress 2 have special Halloween map that allow players to participate Halloween event, that will have special drops. Team Fortress 2 is free-to-play first person shooter created by Valve Software.

Very soon, fear-fans, the Halloween update other game companies aren’t BRAVE enough to give you is coming! And those other companies are right to be hesitant! Last year’s Scream Fortress update hit Valve with a tidal wave of wrongful death lawsuits! That’s right: Everyone who played last year’s update DIED mysteriously! The only clue was that everyone’s hair had turned snow-white!

They died of FEAR, reader! Or possibly premature hair-graying! We’re not doctors. No, OUR jobs are to be your ringmasters at this year’s Scream Fortress Update! Check out the teaser Update Page to get a taste of what’s coming!

You can find more details on Team Fortress Halloween event page.

If you don’t have the game, download it Free from steam