The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura is an adventure game developed by Cranberry Production and released on Microsoft Windows.

A young inventor named Feodor is building a flying machine with his brother in Barcelona. But his brother is soon snatched away by the Inquisition, and Feodor is left alone to travel through several countries and experience diverse cultures in order to answer the question of what unfathomable mysteries are hidden in Zerzura.

The Good:

Multilayered story with historical basis; solid characterisation, especially of the smart and charismatic hero Feodor; streamlined gameplay offers ten-plus hours of inventory-based quests; outstanding production quality.

The Bad:

Overused ‘searching for lost city’ premise; quests may be too easy for experienced gamers; standalone puzzles lack clear instructions; some segments have too much exposition.

Publisher:Viva Media
Developer:Cranberry Production
Release :10 Jul 2014

You can purchase the game from

You can purchase the game from Amazon for $19.53