Unrest is a role-playing video game developed by studio Pyrodactyl Games and published by KISS ltd.The game was released on Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms on July 23, 2014.The game was funded Kickstarter crowdfunding website reaching its goal of US$3,000 .The game takes place in ancient India in a time of contain some fantasy elements, such as the Naga, a race of snake-like humanoids.Play as ordinary men and women struggling for safety, freedom, food for their children, and a chance at peace.

Publisher: KISS ltd
Developer: Pyrodactyl
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
DRM: Steam
Release Date: 23 Jul, 2014
Metascore: 65/100
Price: $6.79 USD

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This game was funded through KickStarted.com