Wartune is a unique free to play MMO title that combines elements from popular online genres such as the regular MMORPG games, as well as in-depth MMORTS and strategy mechanics. The game features 3 playable classes including Knight, Archer and Mage, with each following typical MMORPG archetypes. Wartune has a highly active event based community where players can participate in a number of daily events such as quests and Bounty Missions. These reward players with gold, experience points and a variety of other valuable treasures. One of the most appealing features within Wartune is the unique Astral System. In addition to regular MMO stats and skills that can be improved via leveling, Wartune host a unique feature that allows players to customize their characters in thousands of unique ways.

Players can collect and synthesize stars found throughout the game, these can be combined together to give your character a unique edge in combat. Wartune is almost home to one of the most innovative turn-based combat systems ever seen in an online game. The majority of turn-based MMO titles have players choose an action or ability, and then simply sit back and watch it unfold. Wartune has taken that rather mundane approach to turn-based combat and replaced it with the Quick Time Event (QTE) Combat System.

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