Whispering Willows

Whispering Willows is an adventure and puzzle video game developed by the independent developer Night Light Interactive. The player takes control of Elena Elkhorn who wants to rescue her father. With her pedant she can access her shamanic powers; she is able to leave her physical body and explore the world in spirit form. That way she can fly through gaps in the wall and reach new places. The player can also possess certain objects, such as levers, to manipulate the environment. Throughout the game, the player finds notes from ghosts, which reveal new things. In order to advance in the game, the player has to find items and use them on certain objects.

Whispering Willows is a horror puzzle game that features a dark and rich narrative, beautiful 2-D visuals, and haunting melodies that will leave you yearning for more. The game will release for OUYA, PC, Linux, and Mac.

Thankfully they hit their translation stretch goal so it will be in a few different languages!

Publisher: Night Light Interactive, LLC
Developer: Night Light Interactive, LLC
Genre: Puzzle Game, Adventure Game, Indie
DRM: Steam
Release :9 Jul 2014
Metascore: 84/100
Price: $14.99 USD

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