World in Audition

Dancing game fans, it is your show time! Today the dancing MMORPG World In Audition which targeted to K-Pop music lovers and online gamers has launched Open Beta by Asiasoft! There’re some events prepared for dancers, intersted gamers can now login to World In Audition and get rewarded with FREE items!

World In Audition Online features the latest music from most of the K-Pop artists and with personalized virtual items including artist-branded clothing, accessories and more. Following the successful closed beta phases, some new features have been added to the Open Beta, including: new selection of songs and fashion from latest K-pop trends, and new In-game Features: Ladder Game & Studio (FAM).

Interseted gamers can click here to download the client, and check out the event page to join more events. Find more information about the game in the official website. Don’t forget to check out more new games in our new MMO center.

World In Audition DOWNLOAD