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The Xbox One now supports pre-loading for digital games, and Microsoft has delivered the feature ahead of schedule. At Gamescom, Microsoft announced that pre-purchasing and pre-loading would begin on Xbox One with FIFA 15 (September 26) and Forza Horizon 2 (September 30). But in fact, the feature is available today with Madden NFL 15. If you pre-purchase the game today through Xbox One you can pre-load the game so you can start playing exactly at midnight on August 26.

Microsoft is testing a new Xbox One service that will allow gamers to try a game demo for a day before they decide to buy the full game.If you order the game through this page, you can download the game to your hard drive before the official release date.

The game was listed in the Xbox One’s Games with Gold section under a label not been used before called “Free Play Day with Gold”. If it does allow full game access for 24-hours then some people would, presumably, be able to complete the game in full. Of course this depends on the type of game and, with more multiplayer games growing in popularity, it’s likely that most people would want to buy the game anyway.

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